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This is Mobile Apps Era. Apps do almost everything what our websites do. There are lots of opportunities for App Developers but with different Operating Systems such as Android, iOS and languages such as Java and Swift. All these make the developer exhausted as they need to build Apps differently in different OS and new languages. This is where Ionic framework fits into. The Ionic framework is a powerful open source HTML 5 SDK that uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for building Mobile Apps. Thus Ionic also helps to avoid learning a new programming language! WOW! Isn’t it great for App Developers? Yes, of course! Ionic makes possible to keep away from re-coding the same App for different OS. Yes, Ionic makes the developers to build robust Mobile Apps that work on both Android and iOS -that too,only with HTML,CSS and JavaScript, as stated earlier.That is is the power of Ionic. Our Ionic training in Ahmedabad will make you understanding from basics and comfortable enough to build your own cross platform Mobile App!

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Total learning: 62 lessons Time: 10 weeks



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