Drupal runs on any computing platform that supports both a web server capable of running PHP (including Apache, IIS,) and a database (such as MySQL, MongoDB,SQLite, or Microsoft SQL Server) to store content and settings

Drupal is being used by most of the corporate companies and mnc companies for both small and large projects. Due to rapid growth in Drupal. Drupal Developers has many job opportunities in India and Abroad.

Module 1

Drupal Basics-How Drupal Started

What is Drupal ,Community ,Content Management System ,Content Management Framework,Web ,Application Framework =>What is Acquia Drupal Subcriptions ,Acquia Search ,Hosting ,Drupal Gardens =>Which Technology Drupal Uses Linux / Windows ,Apache or IIS ,PHP + MySQL =>Drupal Workflow Bootstrap ,Hooks ,Callbacks ,Output =>Drupal Terminology Modules(Core and Contributed) ,Nodes ,Blocks ,Region =>Getting Started Installing Drupal ,Setting up the admin account ,Original setup options The Admin Interface (Overview) Content Management Site Building ,Site Configuration ,User Management, Reports ,Help
    Module 2

    Out Of the Box Module(Overview)

    ore required ,Block ,User ,System ,Node ,Filter Core Optional-Enabled Color ,Database Logging ,Help ,Menu ,Comment ,Taxonomy ,Update Status Core Optional-Disabled Aggregator ,Blog ,Blog API ,Book ,Contact ,Content Translation ,Path ,PHP Filter ,Ping ,Trigger ,Upload ,Poll ,Profile ,Search ,Forum ,Locale ,OpenID ,Statistics ,Syslog ,Throttle ,Tracker
      Module 3

      User Contributed Modules

      What They are ,Where They are ,What They do ,Downloading and Enabling Layouts in Drupal
    • Blocks and Regions ,Default Blocks ,Custom Blocks
    • File Systems
    • Storing user uploaded materials
    • User Management(In-Depth)
    • Roles ,Permissions
    • Understanding content-Types and Entering Content Into Drupal The Page and the Story ,Input Filters ,Adding menu entries to content ,Path Module ,Contributed Module-PathAuto ,Controlling the Front Page ,Creating New Content-Types
        Module 4

        Advanced Content in Drupal With Contributed Module

        Advanced Content in Drupal With Contributed Module: CCK Adding Fields to Content-Types Text Fields ,Numeric Fields ,Contributed Module: Link Fields ,Contributed Module: Field Groups ,Contributed Module: Image Fields ,Contributed Module: Media Fields ,Contributed Module: Node Reference Using the ‘Display Fields’ Settings Teaser / Body Displays ,Labels ,Display Formats Advanced Displays with Contributed Module: VIEWS Overview of VIEWS ,Default Views Settings ,Display [Page, Block, RSS] Creating a VIEW with the VIEWS User Interface zasic Settings ,Arguments ,Relationships ,Fields and Node ,Filters WYSIWYG editor in Drupal