Graphic design is a creative process between a client and a designer, traditionally completed in conjunction with producers of form (printers, sign makers, programmers etc.). Graphic design is created to convey a specific message (or messages) to a targeted audience.

Graphics Design is being used by most of the corporate companies and mnc companies for both small and large projects. Due to rapid growth in Graphics Design, Graphics Design Developers has many job opportunities in India and Abroad.

Module 1

Illustrator Interface

Art board size setting ,Changing document viewing mode (artwork, template, preview) ,Managing multiple windows ,Basic designing techniques ,The pen tool ,Selecting and arranging objects ,Using the selection tools ,Grouping and ungrouping objects ,Locking and unlocking objects,Hiding ad showing objects ,Adjusting paths ,Moving, copying, and deleting objects ,Objects Transformation ,Scale, Rotating, Skew ,Drawing with Pen tool ,Layers ,Logo drawing ,Masking ,Compounding,Blending ,Using the measurement tools ,Using the rulers ,Using gridline,Setting the cursor key distance ,Using guide objects ,Setting snap to point option ,Painting ,Filling and stroking paths and type ,Looking at the current paint attribute ,Setting paint attributes ,Using type ,Using the type tool to create type ,Entering text in a irregularly shaped area ,Wrapping text around a path ,Entering text along a path ,Setting type attributes (fonts, size, leading,etc.) ,Converting text objects to editable path outlines ,Using patterns ,Printing documents ,Working with other applications ,Placing Illutrator artwork into other applications ,File Formats ,PDF and EPS
    Module 2

    Photoshop module

    File Formats discussion ,Selection technique ,Marquee, lasso, quick selection and magic wand tool ,Adding, subtraction and intersection ,Moving selection ,Defringe, feathe ,Selecting areas by using ‘similar’ and ‘grow’ functions ,Introduction to various colour models ,CMYK colour model ,HSB colour model ,RGB colour model ,Colouring images ,Discussion on different colour models, CMYK, RBG and HSB ,Ways to prepare colour ,Using eyedropper ,Paint Bucket tools ,Fill command ,Image Transformation ,Scale, rotate, skew, distort and perspective ,Understanding various kinds of fill contents ,White, Black and Gray ,Foreground and Background ,History and Pattern ,Blending ,Opacity ,Modes like (Colour, Dissolve) ,Gradient ,Preparing type and resolution ,How to change the fonts, size and other type attributes Type effects ,How to create text outline ,dpi = (1.5 - 2) *lpi (lines per inch),Introduction to layer ,What is layer? ,Layer style ,Editing and managing layers ,Layer options ,How to apply option in the real world situation. ,Image retouching techniques ,Clone Stamp ,Healing brush ,Patching ,Correction Technique ,History Panel ,History Brush
      Module 3

      Colour Correction

      Introduction to Level ,Hue and Saturation ,Channel ,Introduction to channel ,Quick mask,How to use channels to manage selections in Photoshop